The Gene Wofford Award
Nomination Form


This award is given in honor of Gene Wofford, a loving friend, knowledgeable Host, loyal team mate, singer and passionate lover of life and those who lived in it and that he had the honor of coming in contact with.

A team or individual may be nominated numerous times but ONLY ONE NOMINATION per email per League. Nominations will be taken during the 20 weeks of the current League and will end at Midnight of the LAST night of the current LEAGUE. Individuals/Teams receiving nominations will NOT be posted or made available except to those who nominated. Part of the requirements for this award is a humble spirit, so this Team or individual is not looking for the prestige or recognition but in the end appreciated with an award for a SPECIAL Individual who meant so much to so many. The individual with the most nominations received after MIDNIGHT on the last day of the current league will be reviewed by all DJ Trivia Hosts including the Host of the venue the team or individual declares as their HOME VENUE to ensure that all criteria is met. In the event that more than ONE individual or team receives the same amount of nominations, Upstate DJ Trivia Hosts will then cast their vote based on their review of the nominations, but ONLY in the event of a TIE. At that time, if all criteria have been met and any ties resolved, the winner of the award will be notified Privately via email, FB Messenger or letter to them from Upstate DJ Trivia given to them by their HOME Venue Hosts. At that time the individual or Team will be given the option to be presented the award privately or at our League Finals. Thank you to all who take the time to submit this form. Any questions about nominations can be directed to our Home office at 864.915.8114 or by Instant Messenger on our FB Page Upstate DJ Trivia.

Does the team or individual exemplify the following?